Sorry, Best Friend!

“A must-read for every child aspiring to be a worthy citizen of secular India.”

The Times of India

“We can tell these stories again and again, to more and more people. Some… may laugh at you or say your stories are not true. But they may… one day… understand that each of us has a place in this strange, funny world of ours.”

The crocodiles of the forest throw out the other reptiles to grab more food, water and space. But suddenly their forest is no longer the home they knew…

An angry mob attacks their chawl and Aditya’s best friend Khaleel is left homeless. Aditya wants to pray for his friend, but who should he pray to – his Ganapati or Khaleel’s Allah?

A policeman wants to put Bird Man Dr Salim Ali and his young friends in jail. But Salim Mamoo and the children go on to solve the mystery of the big quarrel over names…

Ten stories that look at the India our children live in with clear, steady eyes. And while they see suspicion and division, they also find many reasons for hope.

From Reviews

“…a remarkable attempt to get children to recognise, live with, and enjoy that fundamental principle of life: diversity.”

“No child could fail to be moved by it.”
The Deccan Herald

“…head and shoulders above most books published in India for young readers.”
Indian Review of Books



Nasser the Ferryboy

Nasser felt thrilled when he was asked to take
charge of his grandfather’s ferry, and be a
ferryboy for the whole day. He felt so grown-up.
On that exciting, hot day, there came a miserly
customer who thought he knew everything.
Join Nasser on this pleasant ferry ride to see who
was more knowledgeable.

Level 4 Book, Pratham Books, 2016. English, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil



Nasira Begum and the Landlord

Nasira Begum and her neighbours were fed
up; their stingy landlord was forever finding
ways to trouble them. One day, the feisty
Begum decided to give him back with his own
stick, much like the famous Birbal.

Level 4 Book, Pratham Books, 2016. English, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil